The Escape

No time to think, just gotta run. I spun around, frantically searching for the little break in the wall from where we came, but It was impossible to see. The dark walls reflected next to no light from the candle, whilst the little glass bottles that lay peacefully on the rows of shelves threw bright […]

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The long haul

It’s raining outside. I lift my head and stare aimlessly through crystal clear windows that made up most of the walls in the commonroom, relishing the calm ambience the rain creates as it hits down hard on the roof. After a few minutes of mindless gazing, the smell of coffee drifts past my nose, causing […]

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The glass library

We made our way through the twisting stone corridor, its dead grey walls enclosing us as we went deeper into the darkness. The only light came from the occasional old rusted wall sconce that held up a slumped candle, illuminating the path as the light darted and bounced off the damp stone walls. If something […]

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The gender problem

Buckle up, here’s my outlook on the whole gender fiasco. Throughout the past few months, the topic of gender and its constituent parts has become increasingly sensitive. For some people, the idea that there are only two genders doesn’t sit right with them, as; at least in my point of view, they do not see […]

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The little area

The realm of space has intrigued me beyond reason for as long as i can remember, the fact that our whole lives are based on a little rock in the outstretched arms of the milky way galaxy, and yet our vast collection of experiences and memories makes it seem so much bigger. Astronomically speaking, our […]

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