The little area

The realm of space has intrigued me beyond reason for as long as i can remember, the fact that our whole lives are based on a little rock in the outstretched arms of the milky way galaxy, and yet our vast collection of experiences and memories makes it seem so much bigger. Astronomically speaking, our planet is no bigger than a spec of dust on a beach of sand. Our sun, huge in comparison to Earth, is dwarfed by stars as big as our entire solar system. However once we reach this level of size, it becomes almost impossible to comprehend how big – or how small – objects in space are.

Everyday, we wake up, go to work or school; come home, eat and then finally sleep, for the cycle only to repeat again. This routine that makes up our lives likely only takes place in a small area, on a well learnt route (Unless you’re a pilot.. Or an astronaut, or a truck driver.. Just bare with me) This is our little area. Our little universe. For a lot of us, we spend the vast majority of our time in the same town or city, travelling to the same coffee shop to get the same coffee, and shopping in the same supermarket only to roughly follow the same list of items. The only time we see the rest of the world is when we turn on the television or take the occasional holiday, which can leave us so culture-shocked that we realise how mundane our lives can be! You see, then, that its so easy to forget that there’s so much more out there – specifically the whole universe. Phenomina that some would consider science fiction happen regularly on our interstellar doorstep, stars go supernova as their tanks run dry, creating one of the most intense enviroments in the entire universe, with temperatures ranging up to a billion degrees celsius; the light from which outshining vast amounts of stars with shades of pink, blue and green. Meanwhile, you’re deciding whether or not you should have cinnamon or vanilla on your cappu-frappu-skinny-glucose-fructose-free-cino (Get both, it’s fantastic). Ironically, it’s our obliviousness to the rest of the universe that makes us possibly one of the greatest phenominas in the universe, for not only does this planet harbor life that can experience its surroundings, it harbors life that questions its surroundings. The fact that animals have a sense of obliviousness and that we have created fancy coffees makes us so unique, that despite our size, we truly are a phenomina to behold.


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