The gender problem

Buckle up, here’s my outlook on the whole gender fiasco.

Throughout the past few months, the topic of gender and its constituent parts has become increasingly sensitive. For some people, the idea that there are only two genders doesn’t sit right with them, as; at least in my point of view, they do not see themselves falling into either the male or female category. As a result of this, this fairly large group of people have decided to add a fair amount more options to the gender list that best describe their mindset. As you might think, this has caused a bit of a stirrup within both the scientific community and the people who do apply themselves to the basic one-or-the-other gender system. The problem arises with the proposed idea that there are in fact more than two genders, ranging from ‘non-binary’ to ‘gender fluid’, and that genitals do not primarily define your gender. The conflictions with biology are apparent, as its common knowledge that there are only two variations in chromosome pairs that decide what gender the organism will be – XX for female and XY for male.

Then there’s the matter of pronouns. If someone considers themselves nor male or female, we cannot denote them as a he or a she in conversation (without inevitably offending them) So how do we describe them? And also, how do we tell who labels themselves as one of these new genders? The simple anwser is, you cannot. As i i mentioned before, this ‘list’ of genders is increasing rapidly in conjunction with its impracticality – if this were to be accepted, people would suddenly have to learn hundreds more pronouns as its no longer just he or she, its he, she, it, sheit, she sometimes he, dragonlord 9000.. (Okay maybe not that last one) Look at it this way. There are still goverments on this earth that believe homosexuality is a crime, so how long do you think it would take for this new system to be implemented, and how much more complicated does the world really need to be? It would take equal effort from both sides of the conversation to make this work: For the man or woman to respect how this person wants to be adressed and secondly for the person applying themselves to this extended list of genders to not get snappy and angry if accidentally called their incorrect pronoun (because seriously, how are we supposed to know?)

Personally, I believe the confusion arises with the belief that there is a link between gender and sexual orientation, along with how society expects men and woman to behave. These people, who in some cases dont see themselves falling into the social stereotype of either a man or a woman, have come up with their own gender system that incorporates all these different mindsets to best explain how they feel; however this shouldn’t need to be a thing. There are only three genders that every non-plant organism falls into – Male, Female, and Asexual. Asexual organisms are that of bacteria who produce offspring genitically identical to themselves without the interaction of any other being. To this day, no Asexual humans have existed, though thats not to say that they can’t. As for sexual orientation, the list is endless. Instead of creating more genders, these people need to disregard the social stereotype along with the fake link between gender and sexual orientation (Which, albiet is easier said than done) and instead, if they wish, find closure in this ever-growing list of sexual orientations. Because what’s actually important is that nor your gender or your sexuality matters, its just a label that doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

May i note that while i question this proposed gender system, i entirely endorse the idea that you can be born in the wrong body. In the case of trans people, i strongly respect how they would want to be adressed, be it he or she.


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